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Below is the beer list for 2017.  Stay tuned for our list for the 2018 event!

Beer list subject to change based on availability

Heavy Seas/Terrapin Partner Ship – Rye Wit

Baltimore’s biggest craft brewery teams up with some southern hospitality from Athens, Georgia’s own, Terrapin. This rye malt based Belgian-style witbier is aged in used Chardonnay barrels. Very limited.

Flying Dog Denali Single Hop Imperial IPA

Tropical citrus notes flourish as grassy undertones round out the soft bitterness of this limited, one-time release from Flying Dog.

Boulevard Tropical Pale Ale

As the name states, this beer is indeed Tropical in aroma and flavor. Sweet passionfruit and grapefruit zest adhere perfectly to the hop profile.

DuClaw For Pete’s Sake

A bigger, bolder, and stronger version of DuClaw’s claim-to-fame brew, Sweet Baby Jesus. More chocolate, more peanut butter, more alcohol. Hungry? Why wait? Grab a For Pete’s Sake.

DuClaw Farmhouse Gypsy IPA

DuClaw’s flagship IPA takes a flight across the Atlantic and gets a little European inspiration, utilizing an aggressive farmhouse/saison yeast strain. IPA bitterness stays put, allowing black peppery, earthy phenolic undertones to pop.

Terrapin Grapefruit Hi-5 IPA

Terrapin’s best-selling brew gets a splash of zesty grapefruit to vamp up the natural “juicy” characteristic this beer has to offer. Zero package existed of this stuff…draft only, right here, right now.

Bell’s Two Hearted

Every once in a while we stumble across a beer that is shear perfection in every magnitude of its style. This is the perfect IPA. Pacific Northwest Centennial hops give a bright, floral pop throughout each sip. For those of us on break, take a look around, we’re probably drinking one of these.

Jailbreak Welcome to Scoville Jalapeno IPA

Perhaps the perfect beer to pair with a chicken wing. Hops and heat go together like red wine and steak. Take these two existing flavor profiles and transform that into a beer and you have yourself quite the companion for chicken wing mass consumption. This is going to be a very exclusive release from the brewery, perhaps a brewhouse only offering.

Jailbreak Van Dammit

A gold medal winner at the Great American Beer Festival. Massive dark fruit notes are everywhere to be found in this complex, Belgian-inspired brew. Jailbreak doesn’t make this stuff very often, indulge while you can.

Atlas Silent Neighbor

Atlas is located across the street from a massive graveyard. Silent Neighbor pays homage to its…uh, peacefully silent neighbors. Creepy. This robust stout has subtle hints of caraway seed and roasted coffee. Only one keg available, grab it quick.

Atlas Rowdy Rye

Spiced rye mixes with an assertive hop profile, wrapped around the base of an amber. That said, this beer is an easy companion to BBQ. It even says so on the can.

Terrapin Hi-10 Mango Habanero Imperial IPA

Another display of the beautiful balance between hops and heat. Tangy habanero heat kicks you in the tongue, while sweet mango washes it away. Not to worry, this won’t linger around making you beg for a glass of milk, the pronounced hop base will cleanse the palate. Only one small keg available, come quick.

DuClaw Mysterium

Is it a wheat beer? Is it a white ale? Is it some sort of Belgian? It’s a Mysterium. No, but seriously, it’s a little of everything. If you like wheat beers, white ales, and Belgians, here you go. Limited quantities.

Flying Dog Snake Dog

Flying Dog’s original IPA just recently celebrated its 20th birthday. As a gift, they tweaked the recipe to a more modern approach for an IPA. The resin, pine, and juicy hop flavors will surely appease any IPA drinker.

Heavy Seas Double Cannon

You’ve had Loose Cannon. Take this local IPA superstar and multiply it times 2 and you have the Double Cannon. 90+ IBUs of dank, aromatic hops will surely take the heat off of any chicken wing, maybe the enamel off your teeth, too.

Yards General Washington Tavern Porter

Did you know that George Washington was an avid homebrewer? Yeah, he was cool before cool was cool. Molasses is added to give fermentation a little nudge of encouragement. Chocolate, coffee, and a little dark fruit can be found.

Heavy Seas TropiCannon

Loose Cannon kicks off its worker boots and throws on a pair of flip flops and an ugly Hawaiian shirt. The same hop base is aided by blood orange, grapefruit, lemon, and lime. This beer has enough bite for the hophead, and enough fruit to satisfy the shandy drinker.

Port City Essential Pale Ale

This deep golden colored pale ale has plentiful summer stone fruit flavors that’ll leap from your cup. Port City’s “hopzooka” yields a boost of tangerine and peachy hop notes, balanced by enough malt to round out the finish.

Flying Dog St. Eadman Abbey Ale

In an IPA heavy world, it’s nice to see a malt-forward brew make its way into year-round availability. Ralph Steadman, who does all of Flying Dog’s artwork, and the former right hand man to the late Hunter S. Thompson, finally has a beer to call his own. Subtle earthy spice are balanced with orange, maple, and dark fruit.

Bell’s Oberon

All is right in the world when the signature Oberon sun finds its way to draft lines throughout your local watering holes. This is one the fastest growing summer seasonal beers in the country. Its perfect balance of chewy wheat and subtle hop dryness will have you begging the bartender for more.

Jailbreak Feed the Monkey

Our boys in Laurel have created a liquid concoction that challenges the consumer’s ability of sustaining oneself with mass consumption. Bright and vibrant in color, with a refreshing flavor of banana, Mandarin orange, and a hint of black pepper, this is ideal for any wheat beer drinker.

Bell’s Expedition Stout

Thick, rich, and dark as night, this is a beer brewed to savor. Decadent notes of dark chocolate, freshly ground espresso, and charred grain will put any common stout to shame. Alternative uses include appropriate substation for motor oil during car maintenance. One keg only, this won’t last long.

Boulevard Kolsch

Kansas City’s Boulevard wanted to make a beer that can appease the masses. If you’re walking around all day and all you want is something light and easy, search no further. This is your brew. Red Daisy cups and ping pong balls sold separately.

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