Naptown BarBAYq Competitors

Naptown BarBAYq Competitors

Saturday, May 5th, 2018

We welcome the below competitors to the 8th annual KCBS competition.  The ones marked with an asterik(*) will be participating in the People’s Choice competition as well.

3 Eyz BBQ

3N1 Q

All Fired Up BBQ/8

Astro Pigs BBQ

Bad Azz Mule BBQ*

Blind Cherry BBQ

Clark 1906

Do it Gently BBQ*

Drilling & Grilling*

Fred Vegas Smokers

Holdin’ My BBQ

Lakeview BBQ

Pavone Brothers BBQ


Pull My Pork and Like it

Rockin Robyns BBQ

Sauce This BBQ


Slower Lower BBQ

Smoke This L.I.

Smoketastic BBQ

South Bowie Smoke*

Two Pigs BBQ

Uncle Pig’s BBQ Pit

Who are these Fat Guys*

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