Naptown BarBAYq Judges

Naptown BarBAYq Judges

Saturday, May 6th, 2017

These judges have been invited to judge during this year’s Naptown BarBAYq.  The number of judges is based on the number of competitors we have this year.  Thank you to all who volunteered.

Ed Anderson
Vernon Bowers
Forestt Bruce
Mike Caylor
Lori Caylor
Ethan Chow
Alvin Clark
Arthur Facemire
Monica Fraser
Robert Fries
Dean Gary
Jeffrey Harper
Mary Harper
Dave Hoover
Daniel Hutchinson
John Kirby
Norman Lichtman
Dan Linger
Marc Lipman
Bob Melamud
Mary Morris
Richard Morris
Barry Morton
Rooster Nagley
Brenda Nagley
Cathie Nash
David Nash
Larry Nuse
Anne Nuse
Rory Orkin
Frank Pasquarello
Kimberly Pasquarello
Andy Rickman
Lisa Rickman
Bill Ries
Alan Sellers
Robert Sitnick
Fran Skillman
Art Skillman
Blair Smith
Joann Smith
Glenn Stampler
Josh Steward
Keith Whitecotton
Michael Wisler

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